Enable (Microsoft) Lists App in Teams Admin Center

Enabling app in Microsoft Teams admin canter is a way how to deliver Teams app to client application. There are three types of Apps: Microsoft Apps, Third-Party Apps and custom apps. Microsoft Apps – Developed by Microsoft Third-Party Apps – Developed by third-party companies Custom Apps – Built in-house or from some unapproved source ForContinue reading “Enable (Microsoft) Lists App in Teams Admin Center”

Solve almost every Microsoft Teams issue – Clearing Cache

Hi, Yes, its a tricky Title. Teams are now normal, like Corona in this 2020 is normal. Following that, this admins bump into a lot of “Strange issues” in Microsoft Teams. Example 1. Teams show “Unknown user” for a lot of users in teams chat. Example 2.: Microsoft Teams Policy is not applied to user.Continue reading “Solve almost every Microsoft Teams issue – Clearing Cache”