Assign Global App Permission Policy to users

Some apps need to go through testing phase first. That is why Teams Administrators usually create temporary App Permission Policy to allow app to a certain scope of a users. If you for example, later want to delete this temporary policy and assign all users global policy you will bump into an error saying somethingContinue reading “Assign Global App Permission Policy to users”

Enable (Microsoft) Lists App in Teams Admin Center

Enabling app in Microsoft Teams admin canter is a way how to deliver Teams app to client application. There are three types of Apps: Microsoft Apps, Third-Party Apps and custom apps. Microsoft Apps – Developed by Microsoft Third-Party Apps – Developed by third-party companies Custom Apps – Built in-house or from some unapproved source ForContinue reading “Enable (Microsoft) Lists App in Teams Admin Center”

Solve almost every Microsoft Teams issue – Clearing Cache

Hi, Yes, its a tricky Title. Teams are now normal, like Corona in this 2020 is normal. Following that, this admins bump into a lot of “Strange issues” in Microsoft Teams. Example 1. Teams show “Unknown user” for a lot of users in teams chat. Example 2.: Microsoft Teams Policy is not applied to user.Continue reading “Solve almost every Microsoft Teams issue – Clearing Cache”

Registering SharePoint Application

Sometimes, instead of using username and password, we need an Sharepoint App registration to automate some scripts. Here is an example how you can register SharePoint Application, grant permissions to application and in the end Remove the Application. In this example I have used Global Admin permissions. Registering an Application First step is to SignContinue reading “Registering SharePoint Application”